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Tim Flood, PhD

Associate Professor (Management Communication), University of North Carolina | Director, Startup Accelerators @ Launch Chapel Hill | Managing Director, Management Communication Association | Licensed Partner & Coach, CultureActive

Teacher | Startup Coach | Cross-Culturalist | Contributor | Consultant | Career Advisor | Communicator


University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School – Campus Box 3490, 4124 McColl Building (Suite 4501 for deliveries)  — Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3490 — Social: @2timflood  — My LinkTree (including to schedule an appointment)
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I’ll Leave Explaining US Politics to Capt America

Plenty of people smarter than me, and I’d bet one of them can effectively sum-up the US political system.  And politics comes up in the classroom a good amount of course: I try my best to value all opinions and … Read more

H1B Visa Resources

  The UNC MBA Program thrives in large part because of our international student population, a mix of amazing individuals from all over the world, who come to UNC with at least the same levels of skills, commitment, energy and … Read more

The Carolina Way: Education, Leadership, Conflict, Negotiations, Everything

Dean Smith, called a “coaching legend” by the Basketball Hall of Fame, coached for 36 years at UNC, had the ninth-highest winning percentage of any men’s college basketball coach.[1]  Smith was best known for running a clean program and having … Read more

Innovation & Entrepreneurship around UNC

Special thanks to an amazing innovator and my pal Dezbee McDaniel for acting as cover-person in the featured image!   North Carolina has really vibrant venture and startup scenes, and my innovation story started, gulp, when cell phones networks were … Read more

Media Aggregators: Keeping Up on the News Quickly

Everyone’s busy, and everyone should keep up with the news–to do both, subscribe to your favorite media aggregator (daily or weekly emails that summarize key updates and then, often, link to longer articles).  Here follow my favorites (and all of … Read more

The MBA iTeam: International Student Support Extraordinaire

I work very closely with an incredibly committed group of staff, students and other faculty members on the UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA i-Team.  Together, we do all we can to support our MBA international student population, from interest through Admissions and … Read more

Tips: Virtual Presentations

Wow: coronavirus.  Okay, that’s enough, as they say around here, fretting; time to get back to business.  UNC, like many colleges and universities across campus, is scrambling to engineer an entirely-online environment for courses for the next little while. Lots … Read more

Resource: Case Competition Overview Video

Interested in competing in, hosting or learning more about MBA-level case competitions?  Thanks to the creative talent at Triad Studios, and the genius of Saramion Productions, here’s a great overview video (including time-stamps to allow quick reference of fundamentals, info … Read more

Coming Soon: Ditch Giveaway

A ditch giveaway?  My lovely wife came up with a great acronym for DITCH, which I can’t now recall (Digital, interactive. . .), but here’s the deal: Ditch is an facilitated, interactive video speed-round rendering of the multi-stage interview process–from … Read more

Tips: Pitch Making Fundamentals

Working in the B-School is mostly awesome, although given our location on South Campus, we don’t always have much interaction with all the collegiate life and buzz up on main campus (not far just up a steep hill : ) … Read more

Tips: Email Mistakes (Top 10)

I remember, a few years ago, asking a friend in  MarComm (the office responsible for external marketing, communication and public-relations for the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School) if, after the publication of this list, I could now call myself a “contributor” … Read more

Tips: Business, Globally (Top 10)

Top 10 Tips for Building Business Relationships around the World (The image below animates, but slowly)   Originally from UNC Business digital magazine (Fall 2015)  

Totally Self-Serving Promo: a Book

MBA Fundamentals: Business Writing ‘We’d like a writing textbook that you can curl up with and read before bed.’ From Simon & Schuster Amazon Barnes & Noble Booktopia (If You Happen to Be in Australia) ISBN-10: 142779717X ISBN-13: 978-1427797179

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